GPUG All Star and Founder of Dynamic Budgets, Zubin Gidwani, given a special “hat tip” from Bob McAdam, VP and General Manger of Dynamic Communities and Co-Host of the Enterprise Software Podcast on a recent episode focusing on business interruption and business continuity. 

You can listen to the full episode at Enterprise Software Podcast Episode 114 – Ed Kless and Successful Crashes (Part 1)Zubin’s part starts at the 10-minute mark. 

A few highlights from the interview: 

Darcy (Co-Host): “But then what about in the ERP community as a whole? What do you guys kind of see as the trends or the thought processes going on out there? 

Bob (Co-Host): “You know, what we’re seeing is a lot of willingness to help one another, so let me give a hat tip here to my friend Zubin Gidwani at Dynamic Budgets. Back on the 10th of March he put out a blog post on the GPUG open forum called COVID-19 Business Continuity Preparedness – Working From Home Guide. And he’s like, you know, a lot of schools and businesses and whatnot on the West Coast are starting to ask their constituents to start working from home. So he started bringing up some basic questions that maybe most small businesses had never thought of because people are always going into the office and he’s got his list of things here. You know, who’s taking care of the check printing, what about workflows and who’s assigned to them, when’s the last time you did a SQL database backup and made sure that you could restore it, what kind of remote access are people expected to have if they start working from home, and do you have adequate licensing for your terminal server or your Citrix server if you’re not fully SAAS, which a lot of small businesses aren’t? 

And he’s like, what about things like antivirus on your home machine or getting people to log off the system correctly? What’s it going to be like at your house when everybody is on the Internet during the day and all of your neighbors around you are also on the Internet all day because they’re working from home and their kids are learning at home? So he brought up a lot of really basic things when he wrote it all down. It’s like, gee, I never thought about all this stuff. And this post turned into a webinar for Dynamic’s GP partners where they just got on the phone and started trading tips and tricks and some of the things that they’re running into with their customers who at the time of the webinar were in the process of taking people out of the office and having them work remotely. 

So hat tip to Zubin for us sitting down and writing all this stuff down and making sure that everything from broadband to your house to the headset you’re wearing or you need to buy now because you weren’t working at home before is taken care of. Because as we all know, as we’ve worked from home for quite some time, not everybody is accustomed to that, and there are some adjustments, not just your place of business, but how you’re interacting with your colleagues and customers from someplace new. 

Darcy (Co-Host): “Very nice. And hopefully he has a line in there about who’s taking care of the office turtle. 

Bob (Co-Host): “I don’t think that’s in here. Check writing, yes. Turtles, no. 

Darcy (Co-Host): “No, that’s awesome. Those are, wow, a lot of thought-provoking things for people who probably had never considered any of those things. 

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COVID-19 – Business Continuity Preparedness – Working from Home Guide 

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