Dynamic Budgets supports a diverse range of customers from :

    • Non-Profit
    • Public Sector
    • Professional Sports
    • Hospitality
    • Healthcare
    • Property Management
    • Manufacturing
    • Logistics
  • Faith & Community Organizations
  • Restaurants and Franchise Operators
  • Education

Key Features:

• Install & Setup in 1-2 hours
• After 5 hours training, admins are comfortable in the system, payroll is loaded, and you are ready for zero-based budgeting
• Standard interface eliminates need to generate templates
• Live linked to the ERP – No need to import financials
• Real-time drill downs to accounting details
• Powerful, intuitive, easy to use, and users like it!

• Standardized templates, no need to labor over setup
• Cash Flow
• Multiple styles of data entry (simple annual target, simple monthly values, or itemized monthly)
• Prebuilt math functions (no excel like formula bar) to contain the chaos
• Live-linked to Dynamics for self service data fetches (prior year, spend by vendor, revenue by customer, sales by territory, etc)
• 1-click drill down to transaction details in budget entry screens (why did I spend $$ last May, should I budget for that next year?)
• Detailed Payroll for Salaried or Hourly Staff
(including cross department allocations, and yes FICA correctly accrues from January)
• Allocations (Fixed or Variable – Zero out a department, handful of accounts, free form amount, or mass 1:1 account visibility)
• Budget to Dimensions, Analytical Accounting, Vendor, Customer, Sales Rep, Territory, etc…

• Forecast Template Engine (Blend YTD & (budget or prior year or average run rate…)
• 2 clicks to include another month of actuals for every account
• Budget Reallocations for PO Encumbrance (allow for budget movements but total must not change)
• Tool to spread a simple annual budget into a more detailed budget with Monthly Values
(Generic spreads like monthly, custom spreads (based on home game schedule) or based on the account’s prior year history)

• Simple, Fast, reporting
• Real-time Live Linked to your Dynamics Data! No need to Import.
• Users have immediate self-service access to budgets and actuals
• No need for Finance to export and run formal reports
• Simple rollup reporting using text labels for groupings
• Column Designer is familiar for FRx / MR users
• Not a replacement for Board Level Reporting
• Positioned as an informal reporting tool to take the pressure off formal reporting