We scrambled this week and put together a FREE basic Excel Forecast Template for you that links to your live Dynamics GP data.
Feel free to download the excel file, ask your IT team to give you read-only permission to the GP database, open the excel file, change a few parameters, hit the refresh button and after a few other steps you can be up and running in a few minutes. The template blends Actuals YTD through March, Budget for the remaining months, allows you to change projected values by % and/or a dollar value.

GP Excel Forecast Template

Here is a 10-minute overview video of what the Excel template has to offer and the installation and setup process.
Overview and Install Instructions for Non-Power Query Version

Install Instructions Only for the Power Query version of Excel

This runs on plain vanilla Excel, no special add-ins, no plugins, just what you already have.
Link to your database, hit refresh, enter your values, and then you can use this to generate the data to import back into GP and run your Management Reporter validation reports.

There are 2 attached files:
one for Excel users who have Power Query Installed
2020 CV Reforecast_PowerQuery

and one copy for Excel users without Power Query
2020 CV Reforecast_NonPowerQuery


Simply download the applicable attached template,
follow the instructions, and begin re-forecasting

if you need assistance and help getting this template installed:

call 650-332-6650 ext. 204
Schedule a Meeting with this link.



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