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Quick troubleshooting tips

Your time is precious. If the application is running slowly, please contact our team by scheduling a support session.

Working from home

When working in an office, most users start the application from a shortcut on their desktop. When working remotely, this direct login approach does not work as fast. The application may lag for 30 seconds or more before you can login. Instead, we recommend you access Dynamics Budget using one of the following methods.

Use a remote desktop

If available, use Citrix, Terminal Server, or another remote desktop or published apps solution to run the app from within your core network. This should minimize network slowness between the app and the database.

Copy Dynamic Budgets to your laptop

If your company has adequate bandwidth to support direct VPN connections, and you have a fast internet connection at home, we might recommend copying the Dynamic Budgets application from the network and pasting it on your laptop.

Reports are running slowly

If the Dynamic Budgets application is responding normally, but reports are running slower than normal, ask your administrator to run the Optimize Database routine.

If GP and Management reporter are also running slower than normal, optimizing the database may not be enough. Ask your ERP partner or IT manager to check the status of the SQL server. If performance is an ongoing problem, you may want to consider our Dynamic Budgets cloud-based option. Running Dynamic Budgets in the Azure cloud removes strain from the core transactional system, offering better performance at a reasonable monthly cost.

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