This week’s tip is actually 2 tips in 1! 

1) Don’t Overlook the Padlock

Does everyone need access to see or edit the budget?  You can restrict access to the Budget Maintenance window and Single Account Budget Maintenance window to only those that need access (essentially lock). Open the Budget Maintenance window (and/or Single Account Budget Maintenance window), and click on the padlock icon to the right of the Budget ID. Here you can assign a password to prevent unintentional budget edits and/or deletions.


















2) Never Click Delete

When closing the Budget Maintenance window, the Delete button will delete the entire budget, not just the account in focus. There is no undo! When in doubt, click the Save button. The Delete button in the Single Account Budget Maintenance screen deletes the account’s budget vs. actual unsaved changes. Again, when in doubt, click the Save button.