Your time is precious. If the application is running slowly, please contact our team by scheduling a support session or call 650-332-6650. 

If you are running the application from your normal shortcut on your laptop’s desktop, that likely is not the best way to run the application if you are now working from home (typical symptoms: it takes 30+ seconds to open the login screen or open each new window).

You likely have several alternatives:

  1. If available, use Citrix, Terminal Server, or another remote desktop or published apps solution to run the app from within your core network. This should minimize network slowness between the app and the database.
  2. If your company has adequate bandwidth to support direct VPN connections, and you have a fast internet connection at home, we might recommend copying the Dynamic Budgets application from the network and pasting it on your laptop.

If the application is responding normally (opening, logging in, transitioning from window to window) but reports are running much slower than normal:

  1. Ask your administrator to run the Optimize Database routine
  2. If optimizing the database had no effect, and GP and Management Reporter are also consistently running slower than normal throughout the day:
    1. Contact your GP partner or IT manager to check on the status of the SQL server.
    2. Consider distributing the load. Our new cloud solution can remove some strain off the core transactional GP system. Azure SQL databases can run with greater performance at a reasonable monthly cost.